I Am Asheboro – Amanda Varner

I grew up in the Grantville community and graduated from Eastern Randolph High School in 1984. I have never wanted to live anywhere else. When my grandmother passed away and my parents inherited her house, I bought their house and moved back into my childhood home. I attribute my love for volunteering to having grown up with my sister, Cathy Sherman, through the ranks of the Girl Scouts, as well as having parents who were scout leaders, church youth leader, role models and mentors. Additionally, my grandparents were always doing things for others in their community.
“They taught me to do the best I can to make someone, something or someplace better than it is currently and I hope I am doing that.”
Editor’s note: Amanda is not a person to seek the limelight, so we have added just a few of the organizations she is involved with below:
Amanda works with Boy Scout Troop 571, which is a non-traditional group made up of “challenged” guys,. They range in age from 15 to some well into their 60’s. The scouts are able to earn badges, although the traditional Boy Scout badges have to be reworked to accommodate their capabilities. They meet every Monday night from late April to the end of October. Amanda looks forward to the meetings because these scouts give the best hugs!!
She volunteers with Adventures Beyond Classrooms, another great local organization that provides funds for children in our community who cannot financially afford to participate in enriching field trips for students in Randolph County and Asheboro City Schools. Communities In Schools of Randolph County (CISRC), an established non-profit, serves as the parent organization for this program.
She and Jimmy like to meet up with friends when they have a free night, and have dinner at one of the local restaurants.

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