I Am Asheboro – Karie King

Karie King

I was born in High Point NC and spent my youth moving around the piedmont. I’ve lived in Sophia, Randleman, Seagrove, Stokesdale, and Ramseur before planting my flag in Asheboro when I was 21.

What I like most about Asheboro is the small town feel and room for growth. The location is perfect to raise a family, yet not too far from bigger cities, the coast and the mountains.

I have been a small business owner in Asheboro for almost 16 years. My husband Scott and I owned and operated X-Treme Gym in North Asheboro for almost 8 years before selling and opening Karie’s Kloset Lingerie & More. We celebrate our 8th anniversary Feb 1, 2018.

I would agree that in our genre of business, it could be more of a challenge to be successful. The older demographic and who’s – who in small towns can take a little longer to warm up to new ideas, education, and thinking, especially outside of comfort zones.

I would also agree that this challenge makes our success that much more rewarding. We have built some incredible relationships and have made an impact on so many lives in our 8 years at the Kloset. We look forward to continuing our vision, opening minds, and filling a need that is so apparent.

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering, participating in Crossfit at our local YMCA, watching my kids play ball, writing, and reading a good book.

If you were to ask a large group of people about Asheboro, you would most definitely get different opinions. I love this little town and the opportunities we have here for growth. Not only in numbers, but also in thinking, business, and taking advantage of what’s already available.

I believe it is so important to not only live in your town or community, but to also participate in it. Shopping small and supporting other business owners makes a HUGE difference.

There is such a diverse group of people and “thinkers” in Asheboro, and I think the potential and possibilities are endless if we continue on the path of being open to new ideas, forward thinking, and taking action!

Here’s to Asheboro and the possibilities …. CHEERS!

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