US Grown Vs Imported Hemp: Why Using US Hemp Oil Matters

NC Farmers & Hemp

Industrial hemp has been grown in the United States since our forefathers founded the country. The first drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on paper made from hemp. Hemp is easy to grow, requires very little maintenance and no harmful chemical treatments, and it can be used for a number of things. Why Does It Matter If The Hemp Is Grown In The United States? In the current marketplace, it is much more easily available to purchase raw hemp from Europe or Asia. China’s hemp industry has been…

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Medicare Enrollment Form

Since its rocky beginning in 1966, Medicare has become the main health insurance provider to more than 50 million Americans, most of them Seniors over age 65.  However, the program has become intensely complex, resulting in a maze of information, plans, and pitfalls that can often derail an individual’s healthcare.  Many individuals just give up trying to determine the best coverage and accept whatever is presented by just any insurance agent, regardless of whether the coverage is the “best fit” for the individual’s needs. While Medicare is intensely confusing at…

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New Technology Transforms Protected Area Management, aided by North Carolina Zoo


Efforts to combat poaching of wildlife in Asia, Africa and Latin America have just gotten smarter with the release of a powerful new extension to the widely adopted Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) from the SMART Partnership. Called SMART Connect, the new technology allows rangers and conservation area managers to exchange critical information and transmit data in real time. SMART Connect delivers a revolutionary suite of services improving access to data for park staff and managers on pressing issues such as poaching and human wildlife conflict. SMART Connect expands…

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New Salvation Army leaders prepare for Christmas

As a 10-year old, Luis Viera worked in the Puerto Rican family furniture business, twisting and bending rattan. Around the same time, Lucy Luz was helping her mother care of her three younger brothers and was very busy in her church. Today, the 60-year old Luis joins his wife, Lucy, 57, as the new officers and pastors of the Salvation Army in Asheboro. They were sent here in January to make significant changes to the local operation which serves Randolph, Montgomery and Richmond counties. They have been overhauling the entire…

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I Am Asheboro – Karie King

Karie King

I was born in High Point NC and spent my youth moving around the piedmont. I’ve lived in Sophia, Randleman, Seagrove, Stokesdale, and Ramseur before planting my flag in Asheboro when I was 21. What I like most about Asheboro is the small town feel and room for growth. The location is perfect to raise a family, yet not too far from bigger cities, the coast and the mountains. I have been a small business owner in Asheboro for almost 16 years. My husband Scott and I owned and operated…

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Date Night – Eddie & Renee Voncannon

  How did you meet? Eddie: I first set eyes on Renee in the summer of 1974 at the Memorial Swimming Pool in Asheboro (It was all about that white BIKINI!!) It was surely Love at First Sight! I saw her, but she did not see me. I was smitten with her! Renee: As fate would have it, I went to Asheboro High School in the Fall of 1974 as a sophomore, and this guy Eddie had the locker right beside mine. We were in the same homeroom class, and…

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J. Brewer & Co. Hair Studio – 16 Years and Growing!

J. Brewer & Co. Hair Salon

J. Brewer & Co Hair Studio opened its doors on July 3, 2001 in a 600 sq. ft. office space with four hair stylists. After six months, owner and stylist Jennifer Brewer knew the salon would need more space soon. Two and a half years later, they moved to a new space on Cox Street, with 1,200 sq. ft., eight stylists and added a nail technician. Six years later, with the cost of commercial rent on the rise, they began looking for a piece of property to purchase. A mutual…

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Understand These Five Ways to Get the Most Out of College Savings Plans

You may know them as 529 plans, Qualified Tuition Programs, or QTPs. Whatever you call them, what they amount to is a way for you to help a son, daughter or grandchild pay for college. In short, 529 plans are investment tools designed to help families pay for future expenses associated with college or other qualified post-secondary training for a designated beneficiary, such as a child or grandchild. The fund can be used to help pay for such expenses as tuition, books, supplies, fees, and computer equipment. The plans are…

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Planning for Social Security Retirement

While Social Security Retirement benefits are the cornerstone for many individual retirement plans, it is important for individuals to understand the basics of the program and the importance of planning relative to the timing of the benefit payments.  Social Security benefits are payable as early as age 62 to individuals who have worked and paid in to the system for a minimum of 10 years.  The actual benefit payments are computed using 35 years of earnings.  If an individual does not have 35 years of work, zeroes are added in…

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“Snakes and the California Boy” by Nils Skudra

Before coming out to Greensboro for graduate school at UNCG, my Virginia-born god-mother sat me down and painted a vivid picture about what to expect in NC: different social traditions from those of the West Coast, a phenomenon famously known as “southern hospitality”, food the likes of which I’d never heard of: pulled pork, vinegar-based fried chicken, and  chocolate chess pie. I would be greeted by the slow drawl of speech mixed with expressions of gentility (‘bless your heart”) and life would be infinitely slower and simpler.  At every turn…

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