Best Flooring Options with Pets

If you’re a pet lover, you know that your four-legged friends can wreak havoc on your home, especially when they are young. You’ve also probably noticed that your floors take the brunt of the abuse, even though it isn’t intentional. The good news is you can mitigate some or most of the damage your animal friends cause by choosing the right type of flooring. For most, this usually becomes an option only after the damage is done. If you are at the point of replacing pet-damaged flooring, below is a list of “pet friendly” flooring that will make yours and your pet’s life more harmonious.
Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring is, by far, the most practical type of flooring when it comes to being pet friendly. Both luxury vinyl and vinyl sheet are extremely durable even when it comes to pet foot traffic and nails scratching the surface each and every day. It is also perfect for piddles and water-bowl spills as it is resistant to moisture. As well as being long lasting, vinyl flooring tends to dampen sound so your peace and quiet will not be interrupted by the click clacking of your furry friend’s nails. The best part about vinyl flooring is the price. Of course it varies by quality, but generally speaking it is very affordable when compared to other types of flooring that are not as pet friendly.
Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring can be a practical choice for pet owners, especially for those who are extra concerned about the look and feel of their home. Additionally, laminate is easy to clean – mopping or vacuuming is quick and easy for any mess. If yours is a pet friendly home and laminate is your flooring choice, be sure to choose a laminate with additional layers, to protect it against scratches, stains and scuffs.
The downside to laminate flooring is it can be difficult for pets, especially dogs, to walk or run on. It can cause them to slip and slide, which may result in their hips moving in an unnatural way and causing injury. To lessen the likelihood of this happening, you can choose a laminate floor with an embossed or textured finish. Also, because laminate tends to be uncomfortable to lie on, we recommend using area rugs over laminate to make your pets more comfortable.
Hardwood Flooring
While hardwood flooring is tremendously popular, it is not the best choice if you have pets. First, it can be very difficult to maintain and keep clean especially if you want to keep it nice looking for any period of time. if your pet spills water or goes to the bathroom on hardwood, it needs to be cleaned up immediately because the boards can stain and warp from the moisture. Additionally, the floors can be scratched by your pets nails. If you are meticulous about keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and they are housebroken, hardwood might work for you. Any way you slice it, hardwood floors will require more attention with a pet, but with a little due diligence, you don’t have to let hardwood flooring stand in the way of you and your furry friend.
At first glance, carpet may seem like a really bad idea when it comes to pet friendly flooring. Of course one can’t argue with the biggest benefit of carpeting when it comes to pets, no click-clacking sounds of pet nails when they walk through a room covered in carpet. Aside from the noise buffering attributes, the other advantage is carpet is typically soft and comfortable for your sleeping furry friends. On the other hand, carpets are pet hair, dander and dirt magnets, and if your pet happens to go to the bathroom on your carpet, it can be disastrous if not caught right away. All in all, carpet is probably not the best choice of flooring for those with pets.
All flooring options have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to pets. If you have specific questions regarding what flooring is right for your particular situation, come see the flooring professionals at Majestic Floor Covering. We will help you find the option that is best for you and your family.

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