Date Night – Ed & Lynne Nadeau

Obviously, the first question I have to ask is, how did you two meet?

L: I was managing a travel agency in Moncton, New Brunswick and Ed was introduced to me as a new customer.

E: We were business associates for four years before we started doing things together. Eventually we started to go for drives, have coffee together, shoot pool, and go for walks.

L: Then one day my car broke down and Ed came to the rescue.

E: I think that was the beginning of the beginning.

L: Probably so, several months later we moved in together, and then in August we had our beautiful wedding in the Bahamas.

E: That was 14 wonderful years ago.

What brought you to Ecuador?

E: I had a career in the merchant navy where I traveled a lot. When I stopped going to sea, I stayed in the field by specializing in crew management and HR for the marine industry. In 2010 I went to a Trade Mission in Panama for work, and that started me thinking about living overseas.

L: And since I worked for a travel agency we traveled all over the world, so between Ed’s former career and my travel career, we were familiar with areas other than Canada.

E: The winters in Canada can be brutal with the cold, snow, and freezing rain, and besides, we wanted to experience something new.

L: We narrowed it down to Panama, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. We wanted to find someplace with a stable government, where the cost of living was better than back in Canada, and where our money would go a little further.

E: After a couple of years of research we narrowed it even further to Ecuador. I came down in October 2012, and spent 3 weeks traveling around. I liked what I saw but wouldn’t tell Lynne my impressions, as I wanted her to make up her own mind.

L: Yes, that was very frustrating. I would ask him questions and only get a vague answer. So, in April 2013, I came to Cuenca to see what it was all about, and I didn’t want to go home. As I said, we have traveled all over the world; we have seen many countries and cultures, and what I found here in Cuenca was everything I was looking for! The people were friendly, the city was walkable, and I felt safe.

E: I arrived in June 2014 with three suitcases.

L: And I followed in early August with my three suitcases, and we also shipped a small pallet of things.

Now that you are here, do you have any special activities you enjoy?

L: I enjoy cooking, so one of my favorite weekly things is to go to Mira Flores Market early every Saturday morning and stock up on fresh produce. And then, of course, I enjoy experimenting with different recipes and trying them on unsuspecting friends.

E: Periodically I enjoy going to the symphony with friends. That isn’t Lynne’s thing, but I enjoy it.

L: We both enjoy exploring Cuenca and the surrounding area and try to do so as often as we can.

E: We both love to play cards, so two nights a week we play Cribbage or Hand and Foot with friends, plus we play daily Cribbage games just between the two of us.

L: I have to admit, though, that our favorite pastime is spending time with our friends!

What does a typical Date Night look like for you?

E: We don’t have Date Nights per se. Other than our card nights, we pretty much just stay at home and read or watch TV.

L: It’s not really a Date Night, but one of our favorite things to do is, on Sunday after breakfast, go down to Parque Calderon. Sometimes we will get an ice cream, sometimes we just wander through the park, and other times we simply sit on the bench and watch people enjoying the day.

E: It is amazing how often we either meet people for the first time in the park or how many times we see old friends who are strolling through the park while we are there.

L: I think what I really love about going to the park is seeing all the families enjoying themselves. We are always greeted with a cheerful “Buenos Días” or Buenas Tardes.” Life is good!

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