Asheboro Magazine has completed its 6th year “on the streets”. It is hard to believe that much time has passed – it seems like just yesterday that we moved from Charlotte to Asheboro. In the six years we’ve been publishing, many great things have happened to our city – in fact, so many great things have happened it is hard to remember or list them all. A common thread in all the major things that have happened is people are investing their time, money and resources in our city in a big way. This investment has paid off and this year Asheboro was named a2016 All America City. Even though I am living in Ecuador at the moment, I am proud to call Asheboro my hometown.
My time in Ecuador has given me new opportunities and a fresh perspective. When we started Asheboro Magazine six years ago, we had some really big plans. I remember people sharing their doubt with us when we told them what we were going to do. One of the common things we were asked was “Aren’t you going to run out of things to write about?” The other thing we heard frequently was, “A city the size of Asheboro can’t support a magazine.” I think about these comments and I chuckle to myself. First, we will never run out of things to write about in a city as dynamic as Asheboro in a MILLION years. Secondly, Asheboro doesn’t have just one magazine, it now has two!
Looking back at our plans, we were a little ahead of the curve. Some of the things we tried didn’t work, but not because they weren’t good ideas, but because people weren’t ready for them yet. In 2017 we are going to revisit some of those ideas and bring them back to life. We are going to redesign the magazine and our logo to keep things fresh and to represent the tremendous change that Asheboro has gone through since our magazine first hit the streets. The new design will be more progressive, like our city, and will have more white space and more photos. We are constantly complimented on our photography and since a picture is worth 1,000 words, we are going to bring you more.
We will continue forward with a similar editorial mission – hyper-local, upbeat, positive content. We are going to be more organized and more focused, but people love what we’ve been doing so we are going to keep doing it. The biggest change is coming in the form of our electronic products. We’ve done a lot of soul searching and research and we’ve decided to make a big investment in the Internet. I can’t go into exactly what we are going to do, it is top-secret, but we think our readers and our advertisers are going to like it a lot.
In short, in 2017, we are taking Asheboro Magazine to the next level and beyond. We believe that Asheboro deserves the cutting-edge products that we’ll be launching and we feel honored to bring them to you.
More than anything, we want to end 2016 on a note of gratitude. You welcomed us into your “family” and you’ve made us feel at home. You’ve helped us when times were tough (when our daughter was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma) and you’ve supported our DREAM every step of the way. Thank you doesn’t seem to cover the level of gratitude we feel for all of our friends here in Asheboro. I don’t think there is a word that adequately expresses our gratitude.
Cheers to a Happy New Year!!

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