Date Night – Pat & Linda Brown

1. How did you meet?
L: My dad invited me to go to Lion’s Club with him for lunch. Pat was the guest speaker that day; he was the GM for the new professional baseball team in town. I introduced myself to him after the lunch as I was the county’s tourism director, and we were interested in helping promote the team as a new attraction in the area. A few months later, my son became one of the team’s batboys, so we got to know each other better.
P: I moved to Washington to run their new baseball team and was asked to speak at a Lions Club luncheon. Linda was there with her Dad and came up to me to introduce herself. The funny thing is that Linda didn’t want to go to the lunch that day but her Dad convinced her to go. Sure glad he did!

2. Was it love at first sight?
L: My first thought when I heard him speak at Lion’s Club was “what are you getting yourself into?”
P: It sure felt like it. I think I felt an arrow stuck in me. Ha!
3. When did you know that this was the “one” and you were going to get married?
L: I knew within a few months, but with all the moving he did as a baseball GM, knowing “when” that might happen was anybody’s guess. We dated for about 8 years before we got married.
P: It was right away but it took us some time to be in the same state to make it happen.

4. Was it always marital bliss?
L: Pat is an incredibly caring and supportive husband. Thoughtful, intuitive, and very witty too. I can count on one hand the number of disagreements, or arguments, we’ve had in all these years. So in that regard, I’d say ‘yes’, it’s been blissful.
P: It has been so far! It’s never easy but our relationship has been strong enough to ride out the tough times and enjoy the good times.
5. What one thing do you feel has made your relationship successful?
L: Three things: Love, trust, and respect. Those are essential when you’ve had a situation like ours (living on opposite coasts for a total of 7 years during the time we dated and were married).
P: It’s actually two things, respect for each other and common goals.

6. How long have you been married?
L: Fourteen years (plus 8 years dating – so a total of 22 years). As mentioned above, we lived on opposite sides of the country 4.5 years while we dated, and another 2.5 years after we were married.
P: Coming up on 15 years.
7. Tell us one thing about the two of you that not many people know.
L: A lot of people don’t know we lived in Asheboro once before. Pat was the first owner of the Asheboro Copperheads, and I was Executive Director of the Randolph County Tourism Development Authority. Our son graduated from Asheboro High School, and our daughter was born at Randolph Health. We moved away when he sold the team. We deeply regretted leaving because we loved it here so much. It took us 10 years, but we finally made it back. We are very happy to be back here; you can’t ask for nicer, more caring people.
P: A lot of people know we are not from here originally but it’s pretty amazing that a boy from Canandaigua, NY and a girl from Hoquiam, WA ended up together in Asheboro.

8. What do you like to do for date night?
L: Those are a rarity due to the nature of the work we do. If we get one, it’s usually just out for a quiet dinner.
P: At this point, it’s all about having some peace and quiet. Being able to finish a conversation without a phone ringing is pretty nice.
9. Tell us what your most memorable date was and why?
L: It was actually a date “weekend” when we went to Chicago for our first visit to Wrigley Field. We saw the Cubs play two games and got caught up in one of the most spectacular lightning storms in Chicago’s history (the headline said there were more than 90,000 lightning strikes an hour).
P: It was a while ago but we got to go to Chicago for the weekend and finally go to Wrigley Field. We had an awesome time.
10. Please share some words of wisdom on relationships.
L: Be nice to each other…always…no matter what.
P: Always try to make the other person smile and laugh. It makes me very happy to make Linda happy!

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