I am Asheboro – Kim Allgood

Born in Greensboro, we moved to Asheboro when I was 2 years old when my dad took a job at Acme McCrary. My mom was a nurse and signed me up for dance lessons at Candy Brooks Dance Studio and preschool at Central United Methodist Church where we were members. Those were special years that helped shape my beliefs and ground me in my dancing queen persona and Christian faith.
I grew up in one of the best neighborhoods … Hamlet Lakes. Not best as in ultra-fancy but as in the best neighbors. The homes were well built. Our home was built by Bill Boyd Construction. Do you know who built the home you grew up in? I’ll come back to that point. Traditions were very important in Hamlet Lakes like ‘trick or treating’ and Christmas parties at the Thompson’s home. One of my favorite traditions was every Christmas all the neighbors would bring red ribbons to decorate the hand-cut neighborhood tree. Afterwards, we would gather for hot chocolate because back then it was always cold at Christmas. It also snowed back then … A LOT and when it did, no one scraped the roads before the snow even stopped falling. I remember beautiful winter wonderlands and anyone who could, stayed home to sled down Westminster Drive. I knew then and I still know today, we were blessed.
I’m a graduate of AHS and UNC-Chapel Hill. I’m married to Tim Allgood, I am the proud mom of Bailey and Carter, and we are again blessed with great neighbors. I worked at the NC Zoo for 10 years in events and marketing, and left to search for a desired balance in life. I like to find the humor in most anything and my job search over the last 3 years is almost funny, but what matters in everything is that we are true to ourselves and that our special gifts are put to good use and are not squashed. Each venture has led me to the next, all the while learning and making special friends along the way. Now I am saying yes to the kinds of things I want to do in life, like catering and helping make Prayer Ponies (go on Facebook or the website prayerponymission.com). I also work for the Asheboro/Randolph Home Builders Association as the Membership/Marketing Director, which brings me back to the question, who built your home?

A good “home” is the basis of who we are, where we come from and why we stay or leave. Asheboro has changed so much since I was a kid. We now have great restaurants, a WINE bar and BREWERY, food trucks, concerts in the park, performing arts, painting classes, yoga studios… you can tell my interests! Everything that went away from downtown years ago has come back with more things to do, bringing people together. I learned to embrace diversity at a young age (shout out to my Lindley Park bus friends) and the diversity of Asheboro is now amazing! The one constant of Asheboro is the neighborhood feeling. Yes, “Mr. Rogers” was one of the biggest influences in my life but, truly, we are all neighbors helping each other out and Asheboro is a wonderful home filled with traditions, new and old. It will always be MY home – I am Asheboro.

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