About Us

Thanks for stopping by today and welcome to Asheboro Magazine. Our magazine focuses on life in Randolph County.  Bringing you a monthly publication that is full of local businesses, community news, upcoming fundraisers, and celebrates the people of this community is what gives us pleasure.

Asheboro Magazine is a hyper-local, positive community magazine. We welcome the community to write for us, and read the magazine in print or online.

What is Asheboro Magazine?

If I could sum up Asheboro Magazine, here is what it would be:
1 – celebrating the good life in Randolph County
2 – enjoying the relationships with the community
3 – the search for new and exciting local places and reporting on them
4 – exploring the state from the coast to the mountains
5 – writing about all of these outings

Dave and Sherry Johnson moved to Randolph County in May, 2010.  Both were highly skilled professionals in both marketing and publishing, and they saw a need that was not being addressed in Randolph County, so they started Asheboro Magazine and published the first two issues electronically in August and September, 2010.  Since that time, they have grown the magazine and become very involved in the community.  Many of the businesses they have featured and that advertise with them have become very good friends, and they enjoy promoting the great things that are happening in Asheboro and Randolph County.

In the heart of North Carolina, there is no better place to live than Asheboro.  What better way to celebrate it than to publish a magazine that celebrates the people, non-profits, businesses and culture that is Asheboro.