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Scott Eggleston grew up in Virginia Beach. He attended Old Dominion University and rowed for them on their crew team. After graduating from ODU, Scott went to work for GEICO insurance.

There Scott spent his time handling bodily injury claims, working with in-house counsel and plaintiff’s attorneys representing injured parties. With a constant emotionally charged atmosphere, Scott began to sort through the problems as well as the people in each case, looking past the common road blocks of anger, distrust, and frustration – to try and find the clearest route to resolution. After a few years and several promotions within Geico, Scott began to see what each side was doing unsuccessfully. “In the beginning,” says Scott, “it is about the individual being heard –and I am not talking about giving someone the token phone call and expected lip service – but really listening and empathizing with the individual’s situation. Once I started focusing on the ‘Injured Party’ as a person, not just a claimant, I could hear a fear underneath all the anger and frustration. ‘If I can’t work, what is going to happen to my family?’ ‘What if this pain never goes away?’ ‘What is going to happen to me and how long will it take?’ Stress, anxiety, and a fear of the unknown make any situation worse. Instead of everyone working together to ease an individual’s concerns as quickly as possible, I discovered that both in-house counsel and the plaintiff’s attorneys didn’t seem to prioritize a constant communication or a compassionate shoulder. I guess you could say, it was then I realized I could do it better – the helping of individuals or families – without the smoke screens and bureaucracy that larger companies and firms seem to employ.” And without so much as a look over his shoulder, Scott found himself at the University Of Richmond School Of Law, studying the law to arm himself with the knowledge and skills to make it possible to resolve issues and conflicts.
It was during his last summer of law school that Scott met Asheboro native Lia Vuncannon, who had just finished undergraduate study at the University of Richmond. Once Scott graduated law school and passed the Virginia Bar he immediately proposed to Lia. She said yes, and as she eventually wanted to move back to Asheboro, Scott took and passed the North Carolina Bar as well.
With several years of real estate and tax law under his belt, Scott and Lia decided that they were ready to start their family. There was only one place in Lia’s mind where their family would start, grow, and take root: Home. “When Lia first started her campaign to move back home, to Asheboro, she was very quick to point out all of Asheboro’s selling points. After living here for over ten years, I now find myself pointing out all of Asheboro’s selling points to anyone outside the area. There is something to be said for a community that looks out for one another, for businesses that take into consideration more than the bottom line, and for having your in-laws/babysitters less than three miles away.”
Scott was meeting with H.R. Gallimore, an Asheboro commercial real estate broker, to discuss real estate and tax law when he happened to suggest that Mr. Ivey might be looking for an associate. Scott joined the firm in 2008 and took over the management of it in 2011 when Mr. Ivey semi-retired. He fully retired in 2015 and Scott is now the sole owner of Ivey & Eggleston. The firm has grown since then – it now has three full-time attorneys including Scott, J. William Alexander, Jr. who handles primarily real estate law, and Taylor Callicutt, who handles wills and estates, litigation and real estate. The firm has a total of 11 staff members and Scott is celebrating the 10 year anniversary this year of the firm.
In 2015 the federal government introduced new rules governing real estate transactions, which created much more paperwork and more involved closings. While it was supposed to make things easier, these rules created a lot of confusion. Scott teamed up with Ricky Cox, another local attorney, to host a seminar at AVS Banquet & Catering, inviting real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers and real estate agents to help everyone get up to speed on the new laws.
Scott discovered that education is his passion – he has begun hosting informal seminars in his office once a month after work. They are open to the general public, as well as local realtors, mortgage brokers and other interested parties. “We are a community and we need to work together and communicate with each other.” Offering light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments, Scott hopes to grow the seminars and offer a wide variety of topics of interest to his clients and professional community. The next seminar will be May 22nd at 5:30 pm on The Basics of Estate Planning.
“People don’t know what they don’t know, and if they just set up their will properly upfront – it could save months or years of family fighting and extra legal costs when they are gone.”
Scott renovated the offices at 111 Worth Street two years ago and moved most staff members upstairs to make room for more conference rooms downstairs. He is already in the process of another renovation adding two more offices at the back of the building, and hopes to add another attorney in July to assist with estate planning.
Scott’s philosophy is that he and his staff are there to make their clients’ lives easier. “When we get involved in an estate administration/probate case, we are dealing with a person who just lost a loved one. Often they are overwhelmed with the loss, so in addition to providing the direction on how to administer the estate correctly, we take the burden of the estate administration off their shoulders. We provide guidance every step of the way. The client is in charge, but we take care of all the details, both major and minor – preparing and filing the inventory, the accounting, and any other required documents. Our end goal is to have our clients feel taken care of.”
With the economy recovering, real estate sales picking up and contractors building more houses, this year will be even busier than last year was with over 1,000 real estate closings!

Scott is available to speak to local civic organizations, church and social groups on many of these topics and would love the opportunity to educate the community on the importance of estate planning.
When Scott is not at the office he enjoys spending time with Lia and their three children Lucy, Cannon and Henry. Lucy is on the FAST swim team at the Randolph-Asheboro YMCA and has been playing the fiddle since she was 5. Cannon is taking guitar lessons and they all enjoy playing tennis as a family. Scott is an active member of the Asheboro/Randolph County Chamber of Commerce. He is also the former chairman of the Randolph County Crime Stoppers Board and a former member of the Asheboro Kiwanis club and Randolph Rotary Club.
Scott’s goal is to continue to grow the firm, constantly improving their processes to meet the changing needs of their clients. If you need a will drawn up to protect your family, or you are thinking about retirement and what long term care needs might do to your assets, consider calling Ivey & Eggleston to guide you through the process. The firm is located at 111 Worth Street in Asheboro and you can reach them at (336) 625-3043. If you are interested in signing up for the May 22nd seminar, seating is limited so call early!

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