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Sherry Keye worked in Thomasville for six years, where she met Carrie Hicks, the co-founder of The Next 56 Days. They have known each other for over 10 years, and when Carrie started The Next 56 Days, Sherry kept seeing posts on Facebook and as she watched the results, she called her, to find out what was going on. At that time, the program was only about six months old.

Carrie explained the program, and at the time, there was no class available in Asheboro, so Carrie offered to teach a class in Asheboro if Sherry could find 4 other people who were interested. That first class was held in the living room of one of the participants. From that eight week class (eight weeks is 56 days, hence the name), not only did Sherry lose weight, but her BMI decreased, she increased her percentage of muscle, and released 16.6 pounds of fat.
After that first class, Sherry continued with the program and released over 35 pounds of fat overall, going from a size 14 to a size 7. For the next year, Sherry continued to following the program. Her brother-in-law approached her about getting healthier and losing weight, and Sherry convinced him to take the class. She attended the class as well, as both a refresher course and to encourage him.
It was in that class that it became clear to her that this was not a diet, this was a permanent lifestyle change. She enjoyed mentoring her brother-in-law and his girlfriend through the process, and realized how much she liked that aspect of it. That’s when she decided to take the necessary training to become a coach.
Initially, she coached one class a week in the fellowship hall of her church. She met Jason Breeland, who had recently opened a restaurant in Asheboro. His mom had taken a Next 56 Day class and realized there was no place in Asheboro that was approved for the program, and she wanted him to offer meals that were Next 56 Day approved. Carrie came to assess the menu for approval, and Sherry tagged along to learn more about the process. Jason quickly realized he needed to know more about The Next 56 Days to be able to offer a healthy selection of meals that were approved, so he took one of Sherry’s classes to become more knowledgeable on the subject.
At that point, Jason invited Sherry to began teaching her classes at the restaurant during off hours, and Jason also became a coach. They quickly realized that while it was great to have items on the menu that were Next 56 Day approved, they also needed to offer ingredients and products that allowed people to cook at home. In August of 2017, Sherry started selling products in the restaurant – at first it started out with one small shelf, but quickly grew into much more.
They were hosting four classes and selling a lot of product each week. When Jason closed the restaurant in May due to personal reasons, Sherry had to quickly make a decision. Did she return to teaching classes in her church, or should she open her own location and serve the customer base that they had developed over the past year?
It was an easy decision, and the location had been in the back of her mind for a while as she passes it every day going to and from Asheboro. She opened Keye to Healthy within one week of the restaurant closing. A great space, right on Hwy 49 S, she has retail shelves full of next 56 Day approved products that are hard to find in some of the local stores, and there is a classroom in the back with seating for 20 people.
Keye to Healthy offers high quality supplements from ARIIX including protein shakes, detox, natural energy pills, vitamins and homeopathic weight management drops, which reduce hunger pangs and aid in emotional stability.
You can find many healthy alternatives to regular flour and sugar, including coconut and almond flour, flax seed, sugar substitutes that don’t raise your blood sugar level which is good for diabetics and those seeking to lose weight. The store also offers a wide variety of gluten-free products, including pasta, bread mixes, and snacks.
Sherry also offers many bakery items from Get it To Go Bakery in Winston-Salem. Cupcakes, Lemon Bars, Peanut Butter Cups, Almond Joys, Cookies, Crackers, – everything offered is healthy, sugar free and gluten free, and approved for The Next 56 Day program.
There are meals to go from 360 Southern Grille in Lexington, another Next 56 Day approved business. They offer a variety of single serving full size entrees including chicken dishes, seafood, hamburger steaks, sirloin tips, chicken salad, and a variety of cheesecakes.
You can also stop in and enjoy a protein shake, if you just want a quick lunch.
If you are interested in The Next 56 Day program, Sherry offers three classes a week at Keye to Healthy, and if those times don’t work with your schedule, a complete list of classes in the area can be found on the website –
If you are not in the area, or can’t find a class that fits your schedule, there are online classes and coaching available. Free #thenext56day informational classes are being held in August and September, the schedule is below. Sign up to learn more about it. The first class is free. Class attendees also get access to a private Facebook group with thousands of recipes and tips posted to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
In additional to premade meals, Sherry also offers Ingold Farms meats in her freezer section. A wide variety of steaks, roasts, and hamburger all locally raised grass fed beef. If she doesn’t have something in stock, she can order it.
Keye to Healthy is located at 267 NC Hwy 49 S, Asheboro. They are open Tuesday – Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. They are closed Sunday and Monday. Stop in today!

8/14/18 – Tuesday Noon Class
Keye to Healthy
267 NC Hwy 49 South, Asheboro
Registration Begins at 11:30 am, Introduction Begins at Noon
Sherry Keye, Instructor

8/20/18 – Ramseur – Monday Morning Class
Ramseur Wesleyan Church
2038 Leonard Park St., Ramseur
Registration Begins at 9:30 am, Introduction Begins at 10:00 am
Rhonda Atkinson, Instructor

8/21/18 – Denton – Tuesday Evening Class

Denton Wesleyan Church
16345 Highway 109 South, Denton
Registration Begins at 5:45 pm, Introduction Begins at 6:15 pm
Connie & Charlie Collins, Instructors

8/23/18 – Asheboro – Thursday Evening Class
Rushwood Wesleyan Church
1810 Old Farmer Rd., Asheboro
Registration Begins at 5:45 pm, Introduction Begins at 6:30 pm
Kay Easter & Stephanie Suggs, Instructors

9/14/18 – Asheboro – Tuesday Morning Class
Keye to Healthy
267 NC Hwy 49 South, Asheboro
Registration Begins at 8:30 am, Introduction Begins at 9 am
Sherry Keye, Instructor

9/18/18 – Tuesday Evening Class
Keye to Healthy
267 NC Hwy 49 South, Asheboro
Registration Begins at 6:00 pm, Introduction Begins at 6:30
Sherry Keye, Instructor

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