Logo of Love

Sometimes, the best ideas come to us in the least likely places. Brandi Crumley, owner of Ennobra Bloom Boutique, was driving to Lexington one day last summer, listening to K-Love and they were talking about how Romans built the cross, and it was their symbol.  They continued on to say that God was able to turn that symbol into one of love.  In an instant, the road faded to the background and the Logo of Love image popped into her brain, perfectly formed and she quickly pulled over to the side of the road to write it down so it wasn’t lost.
She mentioned it to her husband and her Dad that night, and asked them what they thought.  They were very supportive, and she then looked online to see if the Logo of Love was trademarked or in use by someone else.  She couldn’t believe it was available, and she quickly snapped it up and registered the trademark.
She did a mock-up of the logo, and everyone loved it but as things got busy it got shoved to the back of the store and for two months it sat there, a fear of failure blocking her from moving forward with the concept.

In November, it again flashed into her mind and she knew it was time to listen to that inner “voice.”  She showed it to Kris LeRoy, a Pastor at Foster Street Wesleyan Church, and he too saw the vision and encouraged her to run with it, not letting that fear stand in her way.  He helped her figure out what she was most passionate about and where she could give back from the proceeds of the Logo for Love brand to have the most impact.
She created special shirts and on Christmas Day she and her Dad (and employees from Ennobra Bloom Boutique) wore the shirts to the service at church, and it’s been building very strongly from there ever since. “I feel like if we can change one person, change their life, then this message will be a success.”  Brandi’s goal is for that message of love to travel around the country, helping to unify our communities and our country, one person at a time.
Brandi feels strongly that mentoring children, and showing them that there is a light in the world was the most important thing to her.  “Children we can help grow, you can show them opportunities and that they don’t have to be stuck where they are, but can rise above it and excel.”
A portion of the sales of the Logo of Love t-shirts and other products will go to helping youth in Randolph County.  Not to a charity where it would be put into a larger fund and lost in an administrative vacuum, but to directly help and impact a young person’s life in Randolph County, funding a week at Summer Camp to create memories and experiences that will affect them for a lifetime.  The more shirts and products that are sold, the more children will be directly impacted and helped.
Currently offering unisex shirts, home goods and accessories will be added as the brand grows. They have already sold out of two tank top styles and a full run of shirts.  Brandi has trademarked the Logo of Love and it is currently being sold at Ennobra Bloom Boutique, and she will begin wholesaling the designs to other stores outside of Asheboro and Randolph County, but all proceeds will stay here to help local children for now.
Logo in Greek means ‘The Word,’ so the brand logo literally really means “the Word of Love.”
The tag that accompanies each item tells the abbreviated story of the Logo of Love, and also has a bible verse that fits the message. 
“God put this in my path for a reason, because I have the resources to launch it.  We are going to have fashion forward affordable styles for everyone, with customizable options.”
This year, Brandi has partnered with the Shoppes on Dixie and Relay for Life to sponsor a kick-off event on April 22nd from 12 to 4 pm.  You can pre-register for the Relay for Life event that day, and order a custom Logo of Love t-shirt to be picked up the day of the event.  In addition to supporting the youth in Randolph County, a portion of those sales will be given directly to Relay for Life.  Custom shirts will be available for order right up until the day of the Relay for Life event at Ennobra Bloom Boutique.

When an idea is so strong that it almost takes on a life of its own, sometimes all you can do is hang on for the ride.  The Logo for Love brand has the potential to grow and spread throughout the nation, and how cool is it that it began right here in Randolph County.

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