Publisher’s Letter

Dave has been back in the States for over two weeks now and it’s been so much fun introducing him to the new businesses that have opened since he left for Ecuador, and revisiting many of the restaurants and businesses that he missed while he was away. It’s great to have him home! Check out his story on reverse culture shock this month.
There are some memories that stay with us through the years more than others. No matter how old you get, that one moment in time is always with you. For me, that one moment was the first time I rode a horse (well, actually it was a pony but to a six year old it seemed quite large). I rode bareback and the ground was so far away I thought I was going to slide right off the back end! I didn’t, and I pestering my next door neighbors every day to allow me to ride again.
This month’s cover story was fun because not only did I get to be around horses again, but I actually rode one – for the first time in over 35 years!! The ground still felt really far away, but with Rosie’s guidance and patience, it was a great experience. I actually remembered a few things from long ago, too. Spirit Horse Ranch is going to be a great addition to Randolph County, offering children a learning environment utilizing the horses that will encourage them to take those lessons and apply them in their own lives.
This month’s magazine is full of local community content – Randolph Health is offering several FREE health screenings throughout April and May on a number of topics, the YMCA is offering many great summer programs this year, and our calendar of events has lots of fun things to do for the whole family.
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That’s it for this month. I hope we see you out and about at one of the many events coming up in the next four weeks – until next month,
Happy Reading!