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Suzanna Chriscoe has always been creative.  She grew up in a very business oriented family. Her grandfather owned coal mines as well as other collateral businesses and her dad and sister have created several successful small businesses throughout her life.  Though she inherited her business sense from her dad’s side of the family, her creative side certainly came down through her mom.
When she graduated from high school she attended UNCG, working towards a Biology Degree.  During class, she would doodle on her margins of her papers to make classmates laugh instead of paying attention.  She quickly realized that maybe this wasn’t the right field for her.  In 1997 she got a job at Office Max in Greensboro working in the print center with a brand new Mac, loaded with all the most up to date design software.  Suzanna taught herself how to use the software, and started designing business cards and flyers for print customers.
She went to Alamance Community College in 1999 to study advertising and graphic design.  She earned her degree, and was voted the best all around student.  While she was still in school, she landed a job as an advertising assistant at the Times-News in Burlington.  She stayed with them for 17 years, working her way up to Creative Services Manager/Advertising Art Director. During her time with the Times-News, she garnered 22 North Carolina Press Association awards as well as a 1st place award at the Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives Conference Ad Award.
Suzanna has always been goal oriented, and planned to own her own business by the time she turned 40.  She created Turnleaf Designs while she was working at Office Max, and freelanced for many customers, some 20 years.  She would work all day at the newspaper and come home and design at night for her clients. When the Times-News was purchased by Gate House Media, they offered some long-time employees a voluntary severance package.  She realized that this was the sign she had been waiting for and opted to take a package and strike out on her own.
The experience working at the Times-News allowed her to offer full service advertising agency services, not just in graphic design.  She has had 17 years of consulting with customers on their advertising and marketing plans and working within budgets, both large and small.
A lot of people don’t understand the importance of brand consistency.  Suzanna helps her clients define their brand, and then market it properly so it’s a consistent message across all platforms.  She assists her clients with identifying their target audience, and then aims their marketing in print, online and other media platforms to target that audience.
Some of the services that Suzanna offers her clients include:
• Creation and management of their “brand”
• Print and Digital Advertising design
• Web design and content management
• Social media creation and marketing campaigns
• Printed materials from business cards to billboards, t-shirts, invitations and direct mail pieces
She joined the Asheboro Randolph Chamber of Commerce in January 2017, including joining RPN II, a networking organization within the Chamber that meets each Thursday morning, and also joined the Randolph Business Women, which meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Positano restaurant.  Very community-oriented, Suzanna took time out of her day on Dr. Seuss’ birthday to read “I Bought a Zoo” to 3rd graders at Grace Chapel Elementary.

Suzanna looks forward to helping your business, large or small, with all your marketing needs.  You can contact her at 336.824.2006 or check out her website at

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