Warren Coble & Associates – To Warren…Everyone is Family

I met Warren Coble at a committee meeting for the local Alzheimer’s Walk many years ago.  He was passionate about the cause, having learned firsthand how devastating the disease can be, not only on the person with dementia or Alzheimer’s but on the family members providing care for them.  At the time, he struck me as a remarkably caring individual, to whom family means everything.

Warren was born and raised in Randolph County.  He has been happily married to Robbie Kinney Coble for 44 years, has three children, four grandchildren, 3 very spoiled cats and a dog.  His family and employees will tell you, “A new client is just a friend Warren hasn’t met yet.”
He worked for the Social Security Administration for 26½ years. In September, 1999 he took early retirement to care for his elderly parents and an aunt.  In August 2000, his Mom suffered a stroke, which triggered traumatic onset dementia in his Dad.
He went back to school to become certified as a CNA so he could take care of his parents.  “One of the reasons I gravitated toward a career helping the older generation is my parents were 39 & 42 when they had me.”  With his CNA training, he was able to care for his parents at home for many years.
Family is very important to Warren.  He took care of older aunts and uncles as well.  When he retired from the Social Security Administration, he didn’t plan to launch an entirely new career, but things just sort of fell into place.

A local attorney, Bill Mathers, called Warren three weeks before he retired from the SSA and asked him “Who are we going to call with our Social Security questions?”  He encouraged Warren to consider opening a business that helped people navigate the oftentimes confusing Social Security system.  Warren checked with his manager at SSA to see if it would be a conflict of interest and was assured it would not be a problem.
Warren realized his years with the Social Security system gave him the background and knowledge to educate people on the benefits that are available to them, and how to make sure they are maximizing those benefits.
He started the business in the late fall of 1999 and had three clients that first month.  His intention was to focus on retirement, but a gentleman inquired who needed help applying for disability.  Warren realized there were many areas of Social Security that were confusing and people needed help with the process.
In 2005, he partnered with a local pharmacist to educate the community on Medicare Part D prescription drug insurance.  He worked with seniors in reviewing their coverage, based on the prescriptions they were taking to make sure they had the most appropriate coverage for their needs.  He understood there was a lot to insurance and if he wanted to help his clients understand the options available to them, he needed to learn more.  So, in 2007, Warren went back to school to study insurance.  He didn’t want to sell it, but he wanted to be able to speak to his clients intelligently on the subject.  His professor, Walter Batista, was so impressed with his knowledge of Social Security and Medicare that he asked Warren to start teaching classes in 2008 and strongly encouraged Warren to become an actively selling agent.
Although it was not planned, insurance has since become a large part of his business, and he enjoys helping people find the appropriate coverage for their budget.  “Our goal is to be sure our clients have the coverage they need, at a price they can afford.”
Warren was also contacted by the Wake Forest School of Law and asked to author an entire chapter in their textbook, Representing the Elderly in 2008.  He was one of only two non-attorneys asked to write for the book.
In 2010, he made a presentation to the State Bar Foundation with over 200 elder care attorneys present.  Held in a large auditorium, Warren was nervous at presenting in front of lawyers, but once he began to talk about the subject, his passion for the elderly was clear and he sailed through the presentation.  After that he spoke at many events including the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) spring and fall symposiums, and became a guest lecturer at the UNC School of Law on Social Security and Medicare.  Warren is available to speak to Civic and Church Groups, local business employees, and other groups.
He hired his first part-time employee, Kathy Sanders Trogdon in 2010.  Kathy serves as the disability case manager and office manager.  Warren now has several people working with him, including his son Jonathan and daughter, Marjean Nance who serve as retirement consultants and insurance agents. Several part-time employees support the professional staff.
In 2006 he sat for the Certified Senior Advisor exam. He considers it to be the hardest exam he has ever taken.  Warren takes his position as a consultant on Social Security and Medicare very seriously, because as he put it, “The decisions our clients make can affect their ability to have a comfortable retirement.”  He attributes his tremendous success to the fact that he spends a lot of time educating his clients on what their options are and helping them make a good choice for their circumstances.

He has held seminars on Social Security, Medicare, senior fraud and scams prevention for church groups, RCC Employee Lunch & Learns, City of Asheboro Employees, Financial Advisors in Randolph County and all across North Carolina. Call the office at 336-879-0848 to schedule a seminar for your group.  In March, he had over 90 attendees at two seminars on Retirement and Medicare that were held at the Senior Adults Association in Asheboro.  If you missed them, he will be holding them again in June and September.
Outside of work, Warren has many interests and hobbies.  He is a Master Gardener and walking around the grounds near his office, you can really see his passion for growing things.  He also bakes the most amazing cakes, which he donates to raise money at local fundraisers.  He is a member of the Mountain of Faith Christian Church in Asheboro, an active member and immediate past president of the Randolph Rotary Club, and serves on several committees in local organizations supporting Senior Adults in our community.
When I asked Warren about his future plans, “I love being busy, and I love being involved with people.  My wife and family are very supportive and keep me going.  I can’t think of anywhere else I would want to be.”

Although Warren has no plans to retire, he is planning to take a long road trip to tour America in the near future.  He has a tremendous work ethic, and works with clients from all across North Carolina and the United States.  His referrals come from elder care attorneys, word of mouth from satisfied clients, and from the many seminars and lectures he hosts each year.
The mission statement for Warren Coble & Associates, Inc. gives a clear picture of who Warren Coble really is:  “Making a difference in people’s lives, one person at a time.”  If you have any questions or concerns about your disability, retirement or Medicare, whether its next month or five years from now, Warren and his staff have the knowledge to help you navigate the process to get the most from the benefits available to you.  Give their office a call at 336.879.0848 or visit them online at www.warrencoble.com.

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