Asheboro Magazine begins publishing “Website-only content”

At Asheboro Magazine, we’ve made a real effort to focus on upbeat, positive, hyper-local and community focused content.

There are things that are worth writing about that fall outside that criteria.  Because of this,  we’ve decided to add a new category to our website titled ‘around the web’.  Here we will write about interesting things that we discover on the Internet that we think will add value to your day. 

New Health & Wellness Content

We are also going to be adding a comprehensive health and wellness section to the magazine and website.  We think, health is the singular most important aspect of your life, but often treated as an afterthought.  Our goal is to make living a healthy lifestyle a priority by writing stories about local businesses in the health and wellness industry and exposing some of the prevalent myths related to health that are actually making people unhealthy.  As we grow, we have big plans for the Asheboro Magazine website including adding new content each and every day.  We want your first and last visit to the Internet to be  So, without further ado we give you today’s ‘Around the Web’.

Today’s Around the Web

Chances are you have had the ubiquitous snap-together toy, LEGOs, in your life at one point or another.  You may have played with them as a kid, bought them for your kids or, if you don’t have kids, seen them at a friend’s house who does.  According to LEGO Systems, Inc., 19 billion LEGO elements are produced every year. 2.16 million LEGO elements are molded every hour, or 36,000 per minute.  The total number of LEGOs made to date roughly equates to 62 LEGO pieces for every many woman and child on the planet.  In other words, if you are not familiar with LEGOs, chances are you’re from another planet.

Over the years, creative people have used LEGOs to fashion replicas of just about everything including a full-size house, a car, a working harpsicord and a model of Japan using 1.8 million bricks.  But recently, and Australian website,, has taken the use of LEGOs to the next level. According to the site “The Short News is NOT your typical ‘news site’…The Short News is dedicated to sharing funny, offbeat and lighthearted stories, one brick at a time. Now the news is fun!”  In other words, instead of using photography to highlight their news stories, they use LEGOs. 

If you haven’t marveled about the ridiculousness of some of the news that is reported these days, you aren’t reading the news. puts the events that end up in our newspapers into pithy summaries and replaces the photographs with LEGO scenes which certainly helps make the news fun.  In fact, I can’t ever recall laughing at the headlines because most of the news is so bad, I try to stay away from it altogether.  But, it is hard not to smile (or laugh out loud) when the headline is followed by a LEGO diorama.  While viewing the site, I found myself laughing time and time again. 

Newspapers are struggling around the world to attract a younger audience.  Perhaps employing and innovative strategy in an unorthodox way like has could get the younger generation reading newspapers again.   Of course this would require someone that is comfortable way outside of “the box” like the founder of “Me? Although I’m a tax lawyer by day, my real passion is empowering people with knowledge in a way that everyone can relate to (which is a nice way of saying I still play with toys!!). I have always wanted to make the news fun and accessible. I believe the Short News does exactly that.” 

And to keep things local, here is one of the headlines from realted to North Carolina.

“North Carolina man Zia Segule was accidentally shot by his wife when his attempt at surprising her w/ breakfast in bed went wrong…”

A lego representation from for the headline Fun Instagram Account Creatively Summarizes News Headlines With LEGO Minifigs By Wan Munirah, 12 Jan 2015 Share on Facebook Twitter Subscribe to newsletter Enter your email address OK Like us on Facebook “North Carolina man Zia Segule was accidentally shot by his wife when his attempt at surprising her w/ breakfast in bed went wrong...”
Photo courtesy of The Short News

If you don’t have the time to visit their site every day,  you can sign up for their newsletter or catch the news as it is published on their Instagram account, or #theshortnews.

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